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Ghost in the Spoke "witch board" shirt

Image of Ghost in the Spoke "witch board" shirt

$10.00 - On Sale


Dirty Cycle Works - Ghost in the Spoke "witch board" shirts are available now!!!!

With every bit of sacrificial blood shed spilled upon our Ghost in the Spoke "Witch Board" shirt, whether it be from a terrible crash or bike polo, you will have your chance to speak to the cycling gods and other forms of afterlife. Blood and cycling go together like chain in cog so I'm sure you will be talking to those spirits in short time.

-----PLUS! It gives an excuse to get the ladies (or men) to place their hands upon you and talk to the afterlife around you. You can make a planchette out of an beer glass, eyeglass lens, etc. Get creative!!!!

Disclaimer!!! : Dirty Cycle Works and Ghost in the Spoke are not responsible for experiences while using your "witch board" shirt. Choose your use of the shirt wisely...... If you obtain a certain amount of fortune or fame from knowledge obtained all that we ask is that you help us eat alil better :)

All shirts are white with black silk screened lettering and sized in men's sizes. These shirts are best looking when well worn through and Dirty (those stains are memories in our book!). We hope you enjoy it!! Thank you for supporting us.