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Handmade Leather Choker with heart ring


I have seen many chokers on the market now and I was looking at the build quality and clasp systems they were using. The ones being sold elsewhere aren't actually chokers. Our chokers use a pressure clasp system that will keep your chokers nice and snug. I decided to release my design to the public. These are built for the street AND for the sheets, something that many of the other chokers were not incorporating into their designs.

Disclaimer: These can totally kill you, they are real BDSM chokers. With purchase of our chokers you accept that we are not responsible if you end of killing/hurting yourself from our products!

Made in the USA from real leather
One size fits all
Approximately 7/8in wide strap
1.2in heart ring
The slack has a rivet ring at the end for leash play

THESE ARE HANDMADE pieces, each of our chokers are unique. The minor differences in each of these give them character and they remind you that a human has shed blood sweat and tears to make something for you!! Depending on the material and build each will be mildly altered depending on how I feel about the material.

If we run out of stock and your choker is bought on our reserve option then it will take 4-5 days before we can make more.

I hope that you absolutely love our products. We try to keep them at a low price and a donation button is up on our site. The donations keep us afloat and the prices low. This is not a requirement but it is much appreciated. Thank you so much!!